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Facility Management is an interdisciplinary field primarily devoted to the maintainance and care of commercial or institutional buildings. It feeds in from fields such as Administration, Engineering, Arquitecture, Strategic-Tactical and Operational Behavioural Sciences.

Facility Management Objectives
Its main objective is to coordinate the operation and maintenance of business assets (buildings, equipments and facilities) with the company´s core business, thus providing support to both the business itself and its staff.

The scope of facility management is ample and varies according to each company´s needs, ranging from long-term office space planning, real-estate policies, construction, revamping and refurbishment of working environments, preventive and corrective maintainance, security, telecommunications and internal communication.

Key Benefits
-Improve return on investment of fixed assets.
- Occupation cost reduction
- Streamlining of buildings
- Office space suited to your company´s needs
- Better staff productivity
- Increase building and fixed assets
- Information Management: Support for decision-making
- Cost and Timing reduction.

Facility management

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